About Bukovel

The beauty of the Carpathian Mountains have long been praised in songs transferred to the legends reproduced in exquisite cloth hand artists.

This is the place where you want to return again and again. Where no alarm sounds, the cries of nervous people who do not have time somewhere forever. Here, everything stood still as if time has stopped and the world around you. When you see the front of the beauty of nature, when the Council every dribnychtsi least, you know that so little is needed for happiness. You appreciate every moment of surprise and delight picturesque Carpathian mountains. Each subsequent journey around the corner, it does not matter Hoverla, Petros, or even a small peak, it is quite different from the previous one, full of adventure, who remembered all his life.

Here, in the Carpathians, you're able to overcome in a dozen kilometers a day, exhausted sleep under the stars and in the morning defy nature, greedily inhaling incredibly pure Carpathian air, knowing that in a few days again brodytymesh noisy streets of the big city, where no one even realizes that yesterday you conquer Montenegrin top. And again you will plunge into the gray routine days, always remembering that this is not the end, you still come back, come new challenges and new adventures that seem so unattainable, but in fact they are so close.

One of the most popular holiday destinations in the Carpathians - a modern complex Bukovel located at an altitude of 920 meters above sea level.

"Bukovel" has become a real "gem" of tourism and is popular not only in Ukraine but also abroad, in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova and other countries. Built by European standards, a well-developed infrastructure.

For outdoor enthusiasts there is a lot of fun:

1. Active
Mountain biking, hiking, gyms and saunas, fitness and bodybuilding; tennis courts;
2. Various
Bike park, cycle, kvadrotury, paintball; tours, rafting, rock climbing, horseback riding
3. Children
Akvabol, climbing wall, air hockey, table tennis, playground. A summer children's sports camp "Bukovel";
4. Relaxing
SPA-centers, restaurants, bars, discos, karaoke, night clubs Bukovel resort beach on a mountain lake with a variety of entertainment.